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Tease the fuck out of me

I want someone that's going to turn over and bite my neck in the middle of the night just to get a rise out of me. I want someone that knows all of my weak spots and hits them just to make me crave them. I just want to crave someone.. I want someone that I'll want so badly physically and emotionally. Oh god.



forgetting hot beverages and remembering them when they are cold beverages is a cruel reminder of the passage of time and how it can appear like nothing has changed but it has 

but it has 

oh my god thank u for this post i just remembered my tea

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she just stood there doing this little dance until we got up

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hey babe *wraps you up in a blanket* i know today might have been hard for you *ruffles your hair* but you made it through the day *boops your nose* you’re doing such a good job *kisses your forehead* and i am so proud of you

i have a 6 year old cousin that would deadass slap u if u came to her with this sort of mess but there are people with double digit ages fucking with this

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This is literally my most favorite video on the internet

this song always makes me wanna cry it deadass has the most melancholy depressing melody/lyrics but after I saw this video I spit laughing everytime this song comes on the radio like who thought of this I wanna pay you

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i hope all of this is a dream i’m having at the age of 7

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dogs arent that great



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Six Word Story (#12)

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I drank until you weren’t real.




An important reminder that the universe has three spatial dimensions and is best appreciated with all three engaged*.

*engage fourth as needed for EXTREME MODE

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